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Welcome to Realm: Fall 2022

From Jill Meyer, CEO of Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

by Jill Meyer

It’s time to light up our Future City! As you read this issue of Realm, BLINK will be taking over our region, lighting up buildings, spaces, and faces throughout downtown, Over-the-Rhine, and Covington. The BLINK team, with the Cincinnati Chamber as the event’s executive producer, will inject more than $100 million into our local economy, a jolt that shows the world we’re an international destination for arts, culture, and diversity.

BLINK isn’t just an event—it’s a shared experience that defines who we are in our many unique ways. And in this issue, you’ll enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how it all comes together.

The Future City is about more than arts and culture, of course, and you can read about all of it in these pages. Check in on how companies are continuing to make supplier diversity a priority and how vibrant storefront businesses contribute to our local economy and well-being. Go in-depth with Sen. Rob Portman, who explains how he’s looking forward to returning to the business world after 30 years in Washington, D.C.

And make sure you preview our inaugural State of the Region report here. You can also download the full report to find a treasure trove of data to help you drive your business forward and help our region meet aggressive goals for growth.

Thanks for leading the way!

Jill P. Meyer
CEO, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber