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Riding High at the Renaissance Festival

The annual outdoor festival expands by five acres this year, with activities running through October 29.

by John Fox

The annual Ohio Renaissance Festival returns to Harveysburg, transporting the Warren/Clinton counties border area near Caesar Creek State Park back to a 16th-Century era of knights, maidens, and magical delights. A five-acre expansion of the festival grounds welcomes visitors through October 29.

The picturesque village of Willy Nilly, which reappears every September on the festival grounds, is joined this year by Whimsy Woods, a five-acre expansion. The woods host four all-new performance stages as well as Barbarian’s Ring, which hosts sword fights and other duels.

Many visitors’ favorite festival experience is watching brave knights engage in heart-pounding jousting matches (pictured above) showcasing their skill, courage, and chivalry.

At the Renaissance Festival you can eat like a 16th-century local (huge turkey legs, hearty stews) or stay appropriately modern (burgers, pizza). Afterwards you can shop at craft artisan booths scattered throughout the festival grounds.

For the young and young at heart, the festival offers a dozen different games of skill (archery, axe throwing, and Drench a Wench) as well as rides, slides, and a new all-natural playground.