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Myron Rivers

CEO, Lerch

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: My startup experience launching an event concierge software app.

WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST CHALLENGING ASPECT OF THE LERCH STARTUP JOURNEY? Awareness. Getting our names out there. The Lerch app delivers cashless, order-ahead drink service, so with live events starting back up we know event producers are looking for ways to connect with their attendees. Lerch is not only a new company, but it’s also new idea and new way of connecting to audiences. There’s been some apprehension from potential customers.

HOW LONG DID YOU BRAINSTORM AND PLAN THIS BUSINESS BEFORE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING? We came up with the idea in May 2020 and quickly began the work of researching the landscape to see if there was a product already out there. We didn’t find anything similar to our idea, so we began the process of creating the company, and 18 months later Lerch launched the MVP (minimum viable product). That was in October 2021.

WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IS THE COMPETITIVE EDGE THAT WILL HELP LERCH SUCCEED LONG TERM? Our success rests in the ease and the speed that we can integrate into your venue or event. For the Cincinnati region, we’re one of the first of many new ideas to come to market in the entertainment space. We hope to continue to change the landscape and operation of live events across the country.