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Ask Me About | Tony Munafo

CEO, Prolink

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: Our recent rebrand and how we’ve expanded beyond staffing.

WHAT WAS THE VISION BEHIND REBRANDING FROM PROLINK STAFFING TO PROLINK? Prolink has always been innovative and forward-thinking, delivering much more to our clients and talent than a simple staffing experience. The new Prolink brand shows the world who we’ve become as well as where we’re going.

HOW HAS THE COMPANY EXPANDED IT WAS FOUNDED IN 2011? When we were first founded, Prolink focused solely on temporary staffing, primarily in the health care space. We quickly developed a business model that emphasizes customer service and true partnership, both of which are necessary to create the positive impact Prolink is designed for. Now, in addition to a suite of permanent and temporary staffing programs, we optimize workforces through people, technology, and knowledge, solving the problems of today and preventing others before they arise within a variety of health care, professional, manufacturing, and school organizations.

HOW DOES YOUR NEW BRAND STORY AFFECT THE TRAJECTORY OF THE COMPANY? Prolink is looking at a bright future that’s driven by our new brand promise: Prolink is your solution. This means that we’re going to find ways to connect work and workers in meaningful ways where everyone can reach their potential and thrive. Our new brand story provides a framework for us to understand our strengths and our goals, and it motivates us to work together, create our legacies, and improve lives across the country.