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Ask Me About | Scott Shively

President and CEO, Bexion Pharmaceuticals

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: The future of biotech in the Cincinnati region.

WHAT DREW YOU TO NORTHERN KENTUCKY AFTER SPENDING MUCH OF YOUR BIOTECH CAREER ON THE COASTS? Early in my career, I lived and worked in Cincinnati and very much enjoyed the experience. I was looking for a company that was developing products based on cutting-edge science and working toward commercialization to make a meaningful difference for cancer patients. I was introduced to Bexion and its history of evolving out of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and its successful progression to clinical trials. Once I met the Bexion team, came to understand Bexion’s potential, and experienced Covington, I was all in.

WHAT ROLE DO YOU SEE BIOTECH PLAYING IN THE REGION’S ECONOMY? A growing biotech community can provide jobs for qualified, talented people. As companies like Bexion are successful and receive more national and international attention, the region’s reputation as a biotech corridor will grow. This new capital can be reinvested in other companies across the region.

WHY IS THIS A FERTILE PLACE FOR BIOTECH GROWTH? It starts with a strong Midwest culture of vision and purpose that goes beyond the “get rich quick” attitudes in Silicon Valley and Northeast financial circles. The Commonwealth’s $15 million commitment to build a “wet” lab in Northern Kentucky will provide an incubator foundation for emerging biotech companies. As more biotechs progress in their development and become successful, the attraction to Northern Kentucky for other biotechs perpetuates itself.