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Ask Me About | Rebekah Beaulieu

CEO, Taft Museum of Art

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: How to keep a 200-year-old cultural gem relevant for the next generation.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR KEEPING THE TAFT MUSEUM OF ART RELEVANT? The tenants of cultural institutions that resonant consistently and sustainably with their communities create paths for encouraging curiosity, seek innovative ways to enliven historical topics and art objects, and welcome visitors from all walks of life. Our mission at the Taft is to create meaningful experiences by connecting people with great art, both in a historic setting and in the community.

WHICH OF THE TAFT’S MOST RECENT IMPROVEMENTS WILL BE MOST FOUNDATIONAL TO ITS FUTURE SUCCESS? Like many institutions in the post-pandemic era, the Taft is in a period of evolution. Yet, unlike others, we activated a period of potential dormancy in the restoration of the exterior of our circa 1820 historic structure and reinstallation of our art collection. Such a robust capital project not only beautifies our campus but serves as a tangible beacon of our past and our resilience.

YOU WERE NAMED CEO IN AUGUST. COMING FROM CONNECTICUT AND ORIGINALLY MILWAUKEE, WHAT ATTRACTED YOU HERE? I’ve described the Taft Museum of Art and Cincinnati as a happy Goldilocks tale. With a background in large institutions and small ones, bustling urban areas and rural settings, I was intrigued by the Taft for its combination of an exceptional fine art collection and a historic structure, as well as its central location in downtown Cincinnati.