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Ask Me About | Pete Blackshaw

CEO, Cintrifuse

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: Lessons from this year’s StartupCincy Week, which returned in person October 10-14, 2022.

WHAT WAS MOST IMPACTFUL ABOUT STARTUPCINCY WEEK? Back together in person for the first time since the pandemic, the renewed energy around StartupCincy this year was palpable. We had unprecedented levels of sponsorship and ecosystem collaboration resulting in 35 events featuring more than 150 speakers and hundreds of new connections made throughout the week.

HOW MANY YEARS HAS THIS EVENT TAKEN PLACE? WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF THE EVENT? Now in its sixth year, the goal of StartupCincy Week remains to connect and catalyze our startup ecosystem by rallying diverse groups of stakeholders around our collective vision. We’re trying to make Cincinnati the No. 1 startup hub in the Midwest and a top innovation center in the country.

HOW DOES STARTUP CINCY WEEK FUEL CINCINNATI’S STARTUP ECONOMY? The event brings innovators, founders, investors, and catalyzers of growth together to share inspiration, expertise, and spark new possibilities for growth in the region.

HOW DOES STARTUP ENTREPRENEURSHIP DIFFER FROM TRADITIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP? The main difference is in how they’re thinking about growth. Startups are designed to grow fast.