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Ask Me About | Libby Hunter

Executive Director, Adventure Crew

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: My new role after 10 years at WordPlay Cincy.

WHAT DREW YOU TO ADVENTURE CREW? I think I’d always known that when the time was right to transition out of WordPlay, I would most want to contribute my energy to a role in some aspect of environmental stewardship. I had long admired the work of Adventure Crew, and when the opening for Executive Director came to my attention it seemed like a rare opportunity to continue working with teens in programs that spark self-growth, positive relationships, and healthy outlets.

HOW DID YOUR EXPERIENCE AT WORDPLAY PREPARE YOU FOR THIS ROLE? I learned to honor community voice as the most essential input to drive a nonprofit’s evolution. I don’t think leaders should stick to the comfort of their own experiences and assumptions or stick with the status quo because that’s how things have always been done. We need to honor the lived experience of those we aim to impact and always scrutinize our motivations and perspectives.

HOW DO YOU HOPE TO LEAD ADVENTURE CREW IN ITS NEXT CHAPTER? Areas I’d like to address are growing youth leadership within the organization; providing skills and resources to grow self-sufficiency in accessing “place-based” outdoor experiences in communities where our teens live; continuing to advance the environmental education, career preparation, and social-emotional learning offered throughout our Crew Pathways program levels; and investing in our staff’s well-being and skill-building.