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Ask Me About | Kai Lewars

Principal and Founder, Kaiker Development and Construction

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: The advantages of being a smaller firm in the Cincinnati market.

ARE THERE ADVANTAGES TO BEING A SMALLER FIRM IN A COMPETITIVE CONSTRUCTION MARKET? As a team of 14 professionals, we have no intention of growing Kaiker Development and Construction beyond 20 employees. We’re small yet highly organized due to our processes and procedures as well as our team’s different roles, working experiences, and credentials similar to some of the larger commercial companies—without the overhead. We are also larger and more structured than most smaller owner-operator companies, priding ourselves in delivering high-level communication that’s still personable. That balance allows our team to focus on leading with value.

HOW DO YOU FEEL DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS POSITIVELY IMPACT THE COMMUNITY? There is an ever-revolving need for development and construction projects. We pride ourselves on “revitalizing the past and building the future.” Part of the reason we have a focus in community development is because of the impact we see in our clients and the people of the community enjoying the spaces we’ve created.

WHAT WAS YOUR MOTIVATION TO UPROOT FROM OREGON IN 2016 AND RELOCATE YOUR BUSINESS TO CINCINNATI? Cincinnati’s real estate market provided a lower cost of entry and showed many positive signs of growth. In an effort to create generational wealth, I knew I had to take a leap of faith and explore what Cincinnati had to offer and work to my full potential.