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Ask Me About | Chara Fisher Jackson

Executive Director and CEO, Cincinnati Preschool Promise


ASK ME ABOUT: Why kindergarten readiness is such an important topic.

HOW DOES A QUALITY PRESCHOOL EDUCATION IMPACT A STUDENT’S EDUCATIONAL TRAJECTORY? Research has shown that how prepared children are when they first enter school is a strong predictor of success in future grades. Preschool provides the foundation for kindergarten readiness and supports children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and linguistic development.

WHAT TOOLS DOES CINCINNATI PRESCHOOL PROMISE PROVIDE IN CREATING HIGH-QUALITY, ACCESSIBLE PRESCHOOL OPPORTUNITIES? Since 2017, we’ve provided tuition assistance to more than 7,900 children. We build partnerships with community preschool providers to increase the number of high-quality programs, particularly in neighborhoods with a quality gap. By offering coaching, professional development sessions, and educational materials, we’ve helped more than 210 preschool sites reach a rating of three or more stars on Ohio’s Step Up to Quality rating system. We help sustain high-quality programming by supporting recruitment, retention, and wage parity for educators.

HOW DOES THIS SUPPORT THE FUTURE OF A COMMUNITY AT LARGE? Year after year, more than 85 percent of families have stated they wouldn’t have been able to fully afford preschool without our support. Cincinnati Preschool Promise has also prioritized strengthening the early childhood education talent pipeline through strategic partnerships in the community.



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