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Ask Me About | Brett Marcoux

President, Springer School and Center

by Elizabeth Miller Wood

ASK ME ABOUT: The unique role Springer School and Center plays in Cincinnati’s educational landscape.

HOW IS SPRINGER “CINCINNATI’S BEST KEPT SECRET?” For more than 50 years Springer has educated bright students who struggle to learn in traditional school settings. Our alumni have gone on to establish businesses and make great contributions in countless fields. We’re Cincinnati’s best kept secret because families often find us only when the need is dire and their child’s well-being is at stake.

WHAT DO YOU WISH THE PUBLIC BETTER UNDERSTOOD ABOUT SPRINGER? You would never know a Springer student if you saw them at a store or at a park; they’re wonderful children who need the right people in the right system who can help them find success. Over the past few years, Springer has extended our services to the community by offering full educational evaluations and ADHD assessments, providing tutoring services to the community, and adding a ninth grade program.

HOW IS SPRINGER EVOLVING WITH MODERN EDUCATIONAL NEEDS? We offer direct, explicit, multi-sensory instruction. We fuel students’ creativity by building hands-on learning in classes like STEAM and Makerspace. Springer also hosts resident professionals in art, music, and theater as well as a visiting author. In service to educators, we’re proud to continue a long history of professional development offerings. We help the professionals in our region identify and support students impacted by dyslexia. We change the trajectory for children who struggle to learn in traditional classrooms, and we provide adults with the tools to do the same.

NOTE: Springer School and Center announced on September 29 that it will open Springer High School in August 2024.